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The Student Edge

70 Ava Road, Brantford, Ontario, Canada N3T 5H2


"When Only The Best Will Do"

For The Parents

Sending your daughter or son off to school while an exciting time for them, is often an anxious one for the parents. But working with the team at The Student Edge should put those fears to rest.

All of our houses have been renovated to code and beyond. They include smoke/C02 detectors and fire extinguishers on all floors. All have deadbolts on the doors and each bedroom has keyed locks. The properties are well lit.

Our responsibilities include keeping the homes in the best possible condition and making them hassle free for your son or daughter. We believe our level of attentiveness is second to none in Brantford because we genuinely care.

Through this website we attempt to keep everyone informed as to any developments that should be of interest to them. Communication is important to any relationship.

We reside locally and are a quick 10 minute drive to all of the homes. A team of established contractors are available for any significant repairs that may be required. It is in everyone's interests to have the properties in tip top condition at all times.

The Student Edge philosophy works on the premise that if one of our homes was not of the quality that we would want one of our own children to live in, then why would you? We aspire to a higher level of presentation.

If you ever have questions we are always available.